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Luche is a storyteller. For the last ten years, he has perfected his craft to find the perfect moments to bring a story to life. Whether it’s a TV ad, music video or documentary, Luche puts his soul into every edit.  As a musician, he relies on tempo and feeling to guide his edits. A typical session with Luche will include a good laugh or two to lighten the sometimes stressful undertaking of making an edit perfect. When he’s not in front of his computer, he can be found playing music and entertaining his cat Beans. 




Amy is one of the most organized and inspired editors that you’ll find. She loves the collaborative process of editing and watching a shared vision come to life. She uses all the tools at her disposal to craft her visual art. Whether she’s building animations in After Effects, trimming frames, or searching for the right track of music to make the edit shine, she puts her heart and soul into every project. Her upbeat and friendly personality make her the perfect collaborator. 



Colorist + Finishing artist

Flip’s love of cinematography, retouching and compositing have made him the color and finishing powerhouse he is today. His experience as a cinematographer & photographer gives him an advantage in post, as he shapes light and color to enhance the mood and look of each and every frame. He got a taste of VFX early in his career at WGME CBS, instantly fell in love, and his post production work there earned him an Emmy. When he’s not in a color session, he’s probably shooting his own films, tinkering on his motorcycle or day dreaming of catching some waves at Higgins Beach in Maine. 

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